Liwen XU

Equipe de rattachement : 

Formation doctorale en cours

Depuis 2019 : doctorat en architecture, doctorat en architecture, Université Paris-Est, ED « Villes, transports et territoires »

Dir. de thèse : Nathalie Lancret
Co-encadrante : Adèle Esposito, chargée de recherche au CNRS, IRASEC-AUSser/IPRAUS
Sujet de la thèse : From political isolation to international opening: the evolution of heritage politics at Bagan and Mrauk (Myanmar)
Financement : Nanjing East-China Architecture & engeneering design Cl Ltd.

Titres universitaires

  • 09/2011 -- 07/2016 : Bachelor of Engineering in Urban and Rural Planning
  • 09/2016 – 06/2019 : Master of Engineering in Urban and Rural Planning Southeast University, China School of Architecture. Department of Urban and Rural Planning Urban and Architectural Heritage Conservation Supervisor : Professor DONG Wei

Activités de recherche

  • Research on cultural heritage and urban development of Mrauk-U ancient city, Myanmar(Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China)
  • Researcher assistant (05/2017– 08/2019) Worked in Key Laboratory of Urban and Architectural Heritage Conservation (Southeast University),
    Ministry of Education, China, focused on “the nomination of world heritage in Mrauk-U”
    •  Work for the nomination of World Heritage: Make digital map, identity potential criteria and OUV (Outstanding Universal Value) of Mrauk-U, assess the value of heritage including landscape, function, monuments, hydrological system, and other intangible cultural heritage, to form the dossier ofnomination
    • Work for urban Conservation and development: Develop heritage conservation strategies, form heritage management plan, to safeguard and sustain various heritages of Mrauk-U and make cultural resources as driving force of community betterment.
  • Historical research of Innwa Ancient City. Myanmar
    • Researcher assistant (09/2017– 12/2017)
      Worked in Key Laboratory-UAHC-SEU, focused on heritage statistics in Innwa ancient city, Mandalay, Myanmar. Heritage Conservation of Sui Tang LuoYang Historical and Cultural Park. China
    • Designer and researcher assistant (06/2016– 10/2017) Worked in Prof. Dong Wei’s group supported by China State Administration of Cultural Heritage,
    • Focused on the heritage conservation and urban development of SuiTang Luo Yang ancient city, which was built in 604AD and flourished in Tang Dynasty.


Liwen XU. A study on heritage conservation and development of Mrauk-U, Myanmar based on
historical information. [D] Southeast university, Master thesis. Unpublished. 2019.
Liwen XU. A study of ancient city wall protection based on historic information——the case of south
city wall in SuiTang Luo Yang city site[C].2017 China’s urban planning conference proceedings. 2017,


  • 2017, 2018, 2019 Graduate fellowship, Southeast university
  • 2015 Graduate fellowship, Southeast university
  • 2013 Kinlong Scholarship Sponsored by Guangdong Kinlong Hardware Limited Liability Company